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SupZilla Lancaster OH. Grand Opening 10/10/15!

The Grand Opening of SupZilla Lancaster OH. is tomorrow, Saturday 10/10/15. Open from 10am - 5pm.  1358 Ety Rd NW. Lancaster, OH. 43130 Th...
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Good fats and bad fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats vs. saturated  or trans fatty acids; infographic

Fat Intake Recommendations

Recommendations for fat intake Because some dietary fats are potentially helpful and others potentially harmful to your health, it pays to know wh...
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Sugar State and Low GH Output

Sugar state = low GH output After working out you have the highest output of GH  (Growth Hormone) surge in your body for at least 20/30 minutes an...
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Supplement Spotlight


Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy


WHY IT ROCKS: Supzilla Nation, are you tired of the same old coffee or sugar loaded energy drinks to give you a boost of energy, just to be followed by a crash? Then it's time to try out Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy! With natural energy from green tea and green coffee, it's the perfect anytime pick me up to drink throughout the day. Also, with a blend of amino acids, it can be used before exercise to boost your energy, endurance, and nitric oxide. With a wide variety of flavors and only containing up to 10 calories per serving, Amino Energy has you covered!

HOW TO USE IT: Add the desired amount of scoops to a bottle of water and enjoy. It can also be mixed with carbonated water or club soda to curb your soda and energy drink cravings.