Over the last year I’ve started a significant journey to living a healthy lifestyle. This, of course, has included many changes. During this time, I have come to find that supplements would help with the results I desired. I turned initially to a co-worker who turned me on to one of your locations for products. Over time I came to find that one of your locations was closer to my house and much more convenient. Walking into one of these places can, let’s face it, be intimidating. The owners and staff of the Westerville location immediately made me feel welcome like family from the first visit. Ryan and his staff leave me at a loss for words. Recently a family member of mine was l looking for a useful gift for the holidays and thought a gift card from your franchise would be fitting. My mother of all people 70 years old walked into the store and asked to buy a gift card. Ryan asked whom she was buying it for and he immediately recalled my visits. My mom was so overwhelmed by the way he handled things that she couldn’t help but share her experience with me. Hence I’m sharing it with you.......these guys get it!!!!! Let their level of customer service be a benchmark for others.”
— Mike S.
Owner Ryan is full of info and helped me find the right products for my needs as well as my other family members. He always takes time for each customer to make sure they get what is best for their individual needs. I highly recommend you stop by and check out their selection! Thanks Ryan!”
— Meriya W.
Best supplement store in Central Ohio.”
— Alex M.
Super knowledgeable, very encouraging, better prices than even the online discounts. A really great experience.”
— Kelly F.
They don’t try to push stuff into ya they listen to what your talking about and really help with decisions that is going to work for ya. They’re just not trying to make a buck they really take what you say serious. I will be going back you can bank on that.”
— Dwayne G.
Supzilla is one of the best supplement retailers out there…providing top of the line products for great prices, over and beyond as far as customer service!!! Every single one them is awesome. My local Supzilla is my rock for practically all my gym needs. When I move away, out of state to Atlanta Ga, you can be sure I will still be showing support and placing orders. I appreciate all you guys do and all that you stand for.”
— Dean C.
I just wanted to praise you, Supzilla, for amazing service. I visit and patronize at your Supzilla location in Grove City, and I refuse to go anywhere else. Joe is absolutely phenomenal. You guys always provide the best service, prices, and products around. Before I found Supzilla, I used to go to a large chain store for my supplements, but the employees were not knowledgeable and everything was overpriced. I would shop online for competitive prices but had zero advice. Supzilla provides both great prices and great service. I’m definitely a Supzilla customer for life! Thank you!”
— Tyler B.
Extremely helpful people! Walk in and tell them what you want to do, and they will set you up with exactly what you need and nothing more! They won’t just B.S. you to make some extra money. This is the only place I will buy from!”
— Doug L.
Very helpful. Great staff.Will get you the info you nee to get better results. Go get a scoop.
— Charlie L.
Best place in Ohio for supplements…. Everyone is very friendly & knowledgeable.
— Allegra N.
Love this place, Go there for all my work out needs! They are very knowledgeable on every product that will help meet your goals!”
— Jon F.
Best supplement store I have ever been to. Been going here for three years now and wouldn’t take my business anywhere else. During my deployment Supzilla sent me everything I needed and would hook me up all the time with great deals I couldn’t of got anywhere else. They make sure you get your money’s worth and always try to save you money. I will always shop SupZilla.”
— Theodore A.
Just wanted to thank Supzilla for providing quality products and knowledgeable staff to help guys like me get fit. I started as a 300+ pound couch potato but have achieved amazing results in the last year, and Supzilla has played a major role in that. I have taken over 8 inches off my waist and added lean muscle. Even more importantly, I have become an example to my sons and to others who may not have believed they could do it. I attribute a lot of my success to the excellent nutrition and supplement advice I have gotten from Korey. I have found him to be very knowledgeable and professional. He has pointed me to the right products to achieve my goals and given me good advice about my nutritional program as well. It has been obvious to me that he sincerely wants to help those who come into his store. He always takes time to thoroughly answer all my questions and understand my needs. He provided such personalized customer service, that I followed him when he moved to take over the Powell store,\ even though there are two stores much closer to me…Consider me a Supzilla customer for life!”
— Tom F.