Protein Bars

Hungry?  Grab a handful of these great Fitness Snacks at your local Supzilla Store!

Hungry?  Grab a handful of these great Fitness Snacks at your local Supzilla Store!

The food you eat is 90% of the battle for fitness and wellbeing. Food is fuel for your body’s muscles, blood, and vital organs, so it pays to consume clean, healthy, organic whole foods and to limit your snacking to approved products that have your health and fitness goals factored in. For that reason, every Supzilla store carries a variety of snacks and food items that will fit within your macros and keep you on the path to total fitness transformation!


Protein Bars

One of the staples of the fitness world is the good old protein bar. Protein bars have been around in some form or another for decades, and for good reason. A simple snack full of essential macro-nutrients and plenty of protein is the perfect way to supplement your structured (or slightly imperfect) diet.

We carry a variety of brands and plenty of flavor options to suit your tastes, including;

  • Fit Joy Protein Bars

  • ONE Bars

  • QUEST Bars



High quality jerky and meat sticks can be a great, all natural source of protein when you have a hunger craving in between meals. Make sure you go with a brand that’s known for pure ingredients and not a ton of extra chemicals or preservatives.

We carry these great tasting brands;

  • Katie’s Beef, Venison, and Pineapple Jerky

  • Ostrim Beef and Elk Sticks


Other Fitness Snacks

It doesn’t just come down to protein bars and meat, you know. Check out the rest of our snack foods at any Supzilla location. We’ve got chips, cookies, and all sorts of delicious snacks that taste like junk food but fuel your body with the proper nutrition to reach your fitness goals.

Ask a Supzilla representative about these and other tasty snacks;

  • Lenny & Larry’s Cookies

  • Protes Protein Chips

  • My Cookie from ProSupps

  • ON Cake Bites


For all your fitness and nutrition supplements, visit your local Supzilla store and get a stack that’s just right for you and your goals!