Liquid Vitamin

The Benefits of Liquid and Powder Vitamins over Capsules and Tablets

Benefits of Liquid and Powder Vitamins

There are a few different options for those looking to take vitamin supplements. Most of us are familiar with the capsules and tablets available over the counter at any pharmacy or supermarket. However, the are tangible benefits to taking vitamins in liquid or powder form and the nutrition experts at Supzilla can help you make the right call.


Benefits of Liquid and Powder Vitamins

When taking vitamins in capsule or tablet form, your body has to do the work of breaking them down into a fine powder before absorbing the vitamins into the bloodstream. When you take a liquid or powder form mixed with water, you’ve already done all the work. The body absorbs these vitamins much more quickly and efficiently in this form and we often recommend these to anyone who struggles with swallowing pills or stomaching additional supplements.

We carry a variety of liquid vitamin options, like Max Effect, as well as popular powder vitamin brands like NutraKey Envie. Both offer the same vitamins and nutrients found in their tablet counterparts, but with better absorption.  

As with any vitamin, you should take this with food.  It’s easier on your stomach and helps with absorption into the body. It doesn’t really matter what time of day you take your vitamins, just that you stay consistent and take them at the same time each day.


Are Capsule Vitamins Bad?

It’s not that vitamins in capsule or tablet form are inherently bad. It’s better take some kind of vitamin than none at all. But, for best results with capsules, we recommend you seek out well-designed time-release capsules that slow the absorption process down and allow for maximum absorption into the body.


If you have any questions about what vitamins and supplements to take for your overall health, the expert staff at any Supzilla location can help you identify your best supplement stack with the right formula for you unique bodily needs.

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