Supzilla’s Five Core Principles of Fitness Supplementation



Supzilla’s Five Core Principles of Fitness Supplementation

Nutritional supplements can make a huge difference in your overall potential for a healthy and fit lifestyle. They can provide you with more energy, help boost muscle growth, and prevent injuries in the long-term. However, this will only occur if you are using them properly.

We’ve broken down SupZilla’s five most important principles to keep in mind when exploring the world of fitness supplementation so that you get the most out of the nutrients that you are taking.


Fitness supplements are a market just like anything else. With markets, you always have the push and desire for bigger and better products. This is what leads people to forgo proven, highly supported fitness solutions in favor of some exciting new supplement on the block that makes bold claims. Don’t be fooled. If a brand makes promises that feels too good to be true, then they probably are. One good way to ensure you are getting effective supplements is to always purchase them from reputable, well-supported sources such as SupZilla. Don’t ever take supplements that aren’t supported by research and a large body of users vouching for its success. Not only might they not be effective, but they could even be bad for your body!


One crucial aspect to understand about nutritional supplements is that they are specifically meant to supplement your diet and exercise routine. If you don’t build your supplement routine up from a strong foundation of a healthy diet and exercise, and are instead using it as a way to skip meals or effectively try and ‘cheat,’ then there is no chance you will get your desired results. It is important to understand that there is no magic solution to make your body healthy overnight. However, when supported by research, supplements can and will take your already strong workout routine and push it to the next level.


Fitness supplements are not at all like traditional medicine in the sense that you take them once or twice and feel the desired effects right away. They are part of an overall fitness regimen that will take weeks to establish itself in the body. Simply put: they need to be taken consistently in order to be effective, and never more than the recommended dose.


At Supzilla, we believe in carefully breaking down the distinction between when supplements are most effectively taken: either pre or post-workout. Depending on the time you take your supplements, they can either help or hinder your performance during your next workout. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to take supplements that provide energy before your workout, and take supplements that aid in muscle recovery after. This is one of the reasons we generally recommend taking protein post-workout, since that is when protein synthesis and muscle recovery is the most crucial.


It is very important to read up on how each supplement you take can either support or undermine other supplements. Make sure that the nutrients you are taking work positively together with the other nutrients that you are putting in your body. For example, two supplements that are important for bone health are calcium and magnesium. If you take too much calcium, your muscles can potentially cramp up and become weaker, but when balanced with magnesium (which relaxes the muscles) they can have a synergistic effect. Dosage is very important as well. You not only need to know which nutrients are compatible with each other, but also at which dose are they most effective when used together.


If you want to learn more about supplements and the positive effects they can have on your health and fitness, check out a list of our most popular supplements here at SupZilla!!!