Supzilla’s Five Core Principles of Fitness Supplementation



Supzilla’s Five Core Principles of Fitness Supplementation

Nutritional supplements can make a huge difference in your overall potential for a healthy and fit lifestyle. They can provide you with more energy, help boost muscle growth, and prevent injuries in the long-term. However, this will only occur if you are using them properly.

We’ve broken down SupZilla’s five most important principles to keep in mind when exploring the world of fitness supplementation so that you get the most out of the nutrients that you are taking.


Fitness supplements are a market just like anything else. With markets, you always have the push and desire for bigger and better products. This is what leads people to forgo proven, highly supported fitness solutions in favor of some exciting new supplement on the block that makes bold claims. Don’t be fooled. If a brand makes promises that feels too good to be true, then they probably are. One good way to ensure you are getting effective supplements is to always purchase them from reputable, well-supported sources such as SupZilla. Don’t ever take supplements that aren’t supported by research and a large body of users vouching for its success. Not only might they not be effective, but they could even be bad for your body!


One crucial aspect to understand about nutritional supplements is that they are specifically meant to supplement your diet and exercise routine. If you don’t build your supplement routine up from a strong foundation of a healthy diet and exercise, and are instead using it as a way to skip meals or effectively try and ‘cheat,’ then there is no chance you will get your desired results. It is important to understand that there is no magic solution to make your body healthy overnight. However, when supported by research, supplements can and will take your already strong workout routine and push it to the next level.


Fitness supplements are not at all like traditional medicine in the sense that you take them once or twice and feel the desired effects right away. They are part of an overall fitness regimen that will take weeks to establish itself in the body. Simply put: they need to be taken consistently in order to be effective, and never more than the recommended dose.


At Supzilla, we believe in carefully breaking down the distinction between when supplements are most effectively taken: either pre or post-workout. Depending on the time you take your supplements, they can either help or hinder your performance during your next workout. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to take supplements that provide energy before your workout, and take supplements that aid in muscle recovery after. This is one of the reasons we generally recommend taking protein post-workout, since that is when protein synthesis and muscle recovery is the most crucial.


It is very important to read up on how each supplement you take can either support or undermine other supplements. Make sure that the nutrients you are taking work positively together with the other nutrients that you are putting in your body. For example, two supplements that are important for bone health are calcium and magnesium. If you take too much calcium, your muscles can potentially cramp up and become weaker, but when balanced with magnesium (which relaxes the muscles) they can have a synergistic effect. Dosage is very important as well. You not only need to know which nutrients are compatible with each other, but also at which dose are they most effective when used together.


If you want to learn more about supplements and the positive effects they can have on your health and fitness, check out a list of our most popular supplements here at SupZilla!!!

Creating a Starter Supplement Stack for Her

Creating a Starter Supplement Stack for Her

It’s time to acknowledge the ladies of Supzilla Nation out there actively working toward new levels of health and fitness! We see you working on being the best you possible, and here’s a high five. Now let’s talk about your supplement stack.

You’ve started exercising or eating healthy and you’re doing well, but you want to take your fitness to the next level. The only problem is you don’t know where to start! Don’t worry you’re not alone. Getting started with the right supplements can be a little overwhelming with so many brands and types on the market. Instead of focusing on a specific brand, let’s break it down into categories. We carry high quality fitness and nutritional supplements in a variety of price ranges, and sometimes a choice simply comes down to preference. Here are the top things you will want to include in your beginner stack.

Beginner Supplement Stack for Her


Branched Chain Amino Acids are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle and fitness regimen. They help with protein synthesis, or the creation of muscle. BCAA’s can also help regulate blood sugar levels and can be taken throughout the day. There are many flavors and brands to select, from watermelon to sour apple and unflavored options.


Many people simply do not get enough protein in their diet, so supplemental protein powder or a ready to drink protein shake is a great way to ensure your body is getting the fuel it needs to build muscle. Many women opt for protein powders with low carbs and fats, with about 120-160 calories per serving. A great way to find a protein flavor and brand you like is to try a sample serving. Many companies sell small serving size sample packs. Don’t forget we also offer Ohio made all natural protein by the scoop in all our stores!


Including a multivitamin in your diet is essential because many times we don’t get enough nutrients from our foods and supplementing can help make up for shortcomings. Look for a multivitamin pack. These packs contain more potency in the vitamins, a multivitamin capsule or tablet can only pack in so many ingredients, and a multipack is able to deliver more than a single pill.


These three supplements are great fundamentals for any stack. You can always build upon this by adding supplements for energy, increased metabolism, or endurance. Something to keep in mind is supplements are just that; supplemental. They should not replace a healthy diet and exercise, but rather support these efforts by filling in the gaps in your nutrition. They may help you achieve your goals, but there is no magic pill for a healthy lifestyle.


Any of our knowledgeable store associates can help you build a supplement stack and choose products that are right for your needs and goals. Come in to get started and take your health to the next level!

Find a location near you and come grab a scoop!

Creating your First Supplement Stack: For Him

Creating your First Supplement Stack: For Him

Alright Supzilla Nation, are you looking for the best supplement stack for your first foray into nutritional and fitness supplements? For the guys out there looking to see some amazing results, we’ve put together a beginner stack to get you started.

When choosing supplements, it’s best to go with products that are backed by proper science and research. We only carry the best brands on the market, all of whom offer top of the line nutritional products that have stood up to rigorous testing.

Folks that are new to fitness often cling to supplements as a shortcut, but keep in mind that supplements are intended to be supplemental. Training and nutrition should be the primary focus to meet your goals with healthy nutritional and training supplements deployed to help push you that extra mile toward results.  As long as you’ve got a solid plan for training and diet, we’ve got the perfect supplement stack to help you reach your goals.




When people talk about supplements for fitness training, they’re mainly talking about protein. It’s the king, and for good reason. Protein is a key supplement to add to your supplement stack, as it’s the primary building block for generating healthy new muscle tissue after you’ve broken it down in the gym. Protein comes in a variety of forms and flavors, based on either whey or soy, and generally produces the following results;

  • Filling in the protein macronutrients missing from the average diet

  • Refueling your muscles with the building blocks for increased size and strength

  • Aiding in fat loss as the body converts protein nutrients into muscle fibers

When choosing a protein supplement there are many options to consider. Whey protein is rapidly digested and can help repair your body quicker. Another protein option is casein, this type of protein is slow digesting and makes for a good snack or meal replacement because it will keep you full longer. Research shows drinking protein before exercising is more beneficial than afterward. Consider drinking a fast digesting protein before your workout. Although protein is great if you’re on the go and need a quick food source, it should not replace all of your protein sources from food.

Supzilla offers a wide variety of protein products as well as our “by the scoop” model, allowing you to come grab a scoop of your favorite flavor as you need it.


If you’re like most people, your diet is sorely lacking in quality fruits and vegetables, which means you’re missing out on key vitamins that are essential to health and recovery. A greens supplement is a great way to fill in the gap for any missing nutrients. It won’t replace fruits and vegetables in your diet but if you’re not getting enough, green supplements can help.


Fish oil is one of the most universal super-supplements on the market.  Fish oils have many health and wellness benefits including an anti-inflammatory effect that can replace your need for pain relief. Fish oil can help with cardiovascular health, arthritis, skin problems, and joint pain by giving your body an extra dose of Omega 3 fatty acids.  Studies have shown fish oil to help with weight loss, fertility, pregnancy, increasing energy levels, and improved memory and cognitive function. You will want to find a quality fish oil with a combination of EPA and DHA. Our supplement associates at Supzilla will help your find the right product for you.


A fast digesting simple carbohydrate source can be consumed before, during, and/or directly after your exercise and helps with protein synthesis by replacing glycogen stores that were used during your workout. Taking a carbohydrate supplement before and after working out will help build muscle, restore energy, and help with a faster recovery. There are carbohydrate powders and supplement drinks available for those training who need carbs to restore energy and build muscle mass. 


Obviously our Supzilla stores carry a whole range of supplementation products designed to achieve performance results inside and outside of the gym, however this list gives the guys out there a place to start.

These supplements will help you get more out of your training program, including increased energy, better recovery, muscle strength and growth, and improvements in overall health. Supplements can help improve all the effort you are putting into your health and wellness by giving you that added edge.

Stop into any of our Supzilla stores and ask one of our associates to help you create a supplement stack to crush your goals and fuel your transformation!

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