What You Need to Know About Threacine



What You Need to Know About Threacine

Threacine is an exciting new supplement that has been growing in popularity recently as an alternative to caffeine and creatine for safe and long-lasting energy. For many people, caffeine is an essential part of their morning and they almost wouldn’t be able to function without it. While it is nice to enjoy a cup of coffee every once in awhile, it is no secret that most coffee drinkers are nurturing a pretty powerful addiction to caffeine. In the United States alone, 85% of people are estimated to consume caffeine every single day. Even for habitual coffee drinkers, too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, jitters, and a major crash later on. What are the alternatives if you need that extra boost in the morning?

What is Threacine?

Threacine is a staple of the traditional Chinese tea known as kucha. It is known for providing long-lasting energy while helping to promote focus. It is now a common staple of fitness supplements and pre-workout routines for many people, occasionally taken along with caffeine as a way to help make caffeine’s effects better and more manageable.

A 2014 study found that a single 200 milligram dose of Threacine greatly improved energy and motivation, reducing fatigue and anxiety in the process. It is also reported to help provide a boost to brain power, giving users more concentration and attentiveness to the task at hand, quite unlike the unfocused jittery feeling that occasionally comes with caffeine.

More Manageable Energy

The most exciting aspect of Threacine is that users find its effects to be far smoother and more manageable than caffeine. Caffeine’s effects can hit the body suddenly and be somewhat overwhelming, causing anxiety and sleep deprivation for many people. Additionally, caffeine is the kind of product that your body becomes habituated to, meaning you will gradually need more of it over time to have the same effects as before. Threacine doesn’t appear to work the same way.

According to studies, users of Threacine don’t have the same difficulty winding down later in the day that some have with caffeine. Threacine manages to increase alertness, physical performance, and coordination without the same drawbacks that several cups of coffee may have. It is no wonder why more and more people continue to try Threacine, or even a combination of Threacine and caffeine, to help with a pre-workout boost.

But what about Creatine?

Creatine is another clean and long-lasting source of energy that works well for many people. Creatine is mainly used a fitness supplement to help build muscle. It is extremely popular and seems to have a larger body of research supporting its effectiveness than Threacine.

However, the main distinction between the two is that Creatine specifically provides more energy to the muscle cells while Threacine produces energy in the entire body. Therefore, Threacine is used more generally as an energy booster while Creatine is more specifically a bodybuilding supplement.


As we always say, since every person’s body is different, if you are curious about Threacine, we would encourage you to try it in different forms and in combination with other supplements. Many people have found success with a product called TeaCrine, a combination of Threacine and caffeine. There is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to nutrition, and the only way to know for sure is to try and see what works best for you!

Vendor Feature: Cellucor



Vendor Feature: Cellucor

Cellucor is a popular sports nutrition company most well-known for producing the C4 Pre-Workout, one of the most popular pre-workout supplements. The company is also responsible for an extensive line of other products, including whey protein, BCAA, muscle gainers, and weight loss products. What sets Cellucor apart from other supplement brands?! Let’s examine the company’s history and take a look at Cellucor’s core product line to learn more about them!


Cellucor is a widely used and well-trusted brand. Their main product line is known as the ‘Chrome’ series, which includes various pre and post-workout supplements. Cellucor as a company is comprised of individuals who take fitness very seriously and use their own products themselves. They make a commitment to always providing high quality products while continually keeping safety and customer satisfaction as a top priority.

The company was formed in 2002 as a response to an all-too-familiar scenario: the company's founders had determined that larger nutrition brands were creating supplements that were lacking effectiveness. Big promises and bigger prices are often hallmarks of sports nutrition companies that have grown too big for their own good. Since Cellucor is largely comprised of fitness-obsessed individuals like you and me, they sought to create an alternative, a brand that not only provided safe and strong products, but also with an emphasis on the human connection that major brands seem to lack.

How does Cellucor approach this mission? They do it several key ways:

  • By combining the intimate feel of mom-and-pop retailers along with the strength and effectiveness of major brands, they allow the customer to experience the best of both worlds when it comes to supplements.

  • Their commitment to customer satisfaction, which manifests itself in fast, cost-effective shipping as well as transparency. In particular, the C4 is not a proprietary blend, meaning that all of the ingredients and their amounts are disclosed. This helps customers understand exactly what they are getting into, helping to promote safety as well as effective use of their products.

  • They also do a great job at making fun, exciting products that you actually look forward to taking. One of the ways they accomplish this is by providing a number of different delicious flavors for their supplements, including peanut butter marshmallow, chocolate chip cookie dough, and strawberry milkshake!

Core Product Line

C4 Pre-Workout

Cellucor’s flagship product, the C4 is one of the most popular and widely used pre-workout solutions on the market. We’ve covered the C4 extensively: Check out our review of the C4 here.

Alpha Amino

The Alpha Amino is a very useful post-workout recovery tool. It is a mixture of 14 amino acids including several BCAA’s that help your body rehydrate quicker during the post-workout period. Available in a number of delicious flavors, the Alpha Amino is a great addition to your post-training days.

COR-Performance Whey

A staple of any complete supplement routine, Whey Protein from Cellucor is an excellent way to maintain muscle mass, replenish nutrients, and enjoy a tasty treat that is low in carbs. It features desert-inspired flavors that help it go great with pancakes, puddings, and ice cream!

Recently they have launched the ‘Select Stack,’ which allows you to pick 6 or 12 smaller versions of the supplements C4 Extreme, Alpha Amino, or COR-Performance Whey that come in a pack. This way, you get to try a number of different flavors and products at once.


Cellucor is an excellent, reliable brand that produces a well-rounded suite of products. We particularly enjoyed trying all of their bright and great tasting flavors, and would encourage our SubZilla squad to do the same! Visit SupZilla’s list of top selling Cellucor products.

The Best Supplements for Endurance Athletes

best supplements for endurance athletes

Endurance athletes have their own set of unique challenges and physical requirements that make them different from the average gym goer. Long-distance running and hiking can be very taxing to many different parts of the body, making it especially important for endurance athletes to study up on the various supplements that can aid them in these long, strenuous workouts. Here are a list of the best supplements to aid in performance and recovery during endurance activities.

The Best Supplements for Endurance Athletes

Omega-3 (Fish Oil)

Omega 3 fatty acids carry anti-inflammatory properties to aid in muscle recovery and joint health, which are both very important for endurance athletes. They also support brain and cardiovascular health. Omega 3 can be obtained by eating salmon, mackerel, walnuts, flax, and hemp seeds, but since most of us don’t eat these items every day, taking fish oil tablets can help make things easier.


Glutamine is a substance found in the blood plasma that supports your immune system. When you work out, glutamine is depleted from your body and has to be replaced. For most people this wouldn’t be a huge issue, but for distance runners, not having enough glutamine can decrease performance and lead to injuries. Glutamine helps enhance rehydration and recovery time, and also helps promote a healthy digestive system. If you are frequently sore and achy near the end of a long run, then consider taking L-Glutamine.


If you spend a lot of time performing endurance activities, then you are likely burning a significant amount of calories. Over time, if you don’t replenish these calories regularly, you run the risk of becoming calorie deficient and burning through lean muscle mass during strenuous workouts. BCAA’s, standing for Branched Child Amino Acids, help the body retain this muscle. BCAA’s are mostly comprised of leucine, the primary amino acid responsible for activating muscle protein synthesis. This in turn, helps muscle building and also aids in recovery. Overall, BCAA’s will provide you with more energy to your muscles and reduce fatigue during long runs.


Celadrin specifically improves joint health by increasing flexibility. Joints are one of the most important areas of the body for distance runners to keep healthy. Celadrin helps joints at the cellular level by lubricating the cell membranes that cushion bones and joints, reducing the potential for injury. It also benefits the muscles, tendons and deep tissue. If you occasionally experience pain in the knees or ankles during a long run, then celadrin would be a great place to start.


Calcium is another no-brainer supplement to take for joint and bone health. Runners are constantly dealing with injuries like stress fractures that can be linked directly to bone health. Without enough calcium in the body, strenuous exercise can lead to injuries and even bone loss. Taking calcium can help reduce the risk of bone fractures and keeps the body fortified with nutrients. It is commonly known that calcium can be obtained by drinking milk, but since most adults don’t drink a large amount of milk on its own, calcium supplements can be a great boost.

Be sure to check out our hand-picked list of supplements designed for runners, and as always, check out our blog for more fitness tips!

Choosing the Right Protein Supplement for Your Body's Needs


Protein is an essential macro nutrient in your diet and the central building block of all human muscle fibers. It's highly important to supplement your diet with high quality protein supplements, especially when engaged in heavy training or conditioning, as the extra protein helps to rebuild the muscles you're breaking down and straining in the gym. Most protein supplements are whey based, which is an ingredient derived from milk and dairy. Some people can't tolerate dairy products, or prefer not to, and so soy and other vegetable-based protein alternatives exist on the market.  Due to the carbohydrate content, sometimes a gluten sensitivity must be considered when reviewing protein ingredients as well.

Protein Supplements

All Supzilla stores carry a broad range of premium protein supplements and powders, including our famous bulk scoops by the pound. Which one you choose to consume depends heavily on your body type and current fitness goals. Part of the Supzilla promise is the custom advice you'll get from our fitness and nutrition experts here in the store about what supplements you should be taking to reach your goals. We thought we would share some insights on protein supplements from our store pros for easy reference.

Protein Isolates

Protein Isolates are highly concentrated servings of quality whey protein that contain more grams of protein with less carbohydrates, lactose, and fat content. Isolates are fast-absorbing and ideal for post-workout refueling. Rapid digestion means generating free amino acids more rapidly when your body truly needs it. While protein isolates are absorbed and digested more quickly, the protein molecules and amino acids are also quickly spent, making isolates a short term solution for protein supplementation. Our pros often recommend Rule1 brand proteins due to the clean formula, high quality of ingredients, and variety of blends and uses. 

Casein Protein

Casein on the other hand, digests much more slowly in the body. Casein is the most abundant protein in milk and forms a gelatinous structure when broken down in the stomach, hence the slow absorption and depletion. We recommend casein protein supplements for meal replacement shakes and pre-bedtime snacks, as the nutrients stay with you longer and satisfy the body's need for raw building blocks longer than isolates.

Protein Blends

Of course, the most common approach to quality protein supplementation is a healthy blend of pure protein isolates with slow digesting casein. A healthy blended protein will offer the best of both worlds, with fast absorbing isolates for immediate digestion and other slow-moving casein proteins to last for a few hours after consumption.

Interested in getting some high quality protein to help build strong muscles?

Stop in to your local Supzilla store and talk to one of our fitness pros about the product that's right for you and your fitness goals.

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Natural Testosterone Boosters that will Get Your T Flowing

natural testosterone boosters

Testosterone is certainly one of the most important hormones in a man’s body, responsible for regulating energy, stamina, strength, and even mood and sense of wellbeing. It’s the driving hormone that makes a man physically a man. Low levels of testosterone can make you feel sluggish, depressed, and even experience a lack of sexual interest.

Testosterone levels naturally lower as men age, but there’s also a growing awareness of low testosterone across the culture compared to previous generations. Reasons for this drop have been speculated to relate to dietary changes, chemicals in our environment, and other psychological factors, but the reality is that many men feel a need to boost their testosterone to compensate.

If you’re looking for natural testosterone boosters to help you build muscle or recover your vigor, Supzilla stores carry a few of the best natural testosterone supplements on the market.


Hard Gainer’s M-Stak

The M-Stack from Animal Training Packs is a non-hormonal anabolic supplement designed for hardgainers and power lifters looking to increase muscle density with enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. This is a powerful muscle building supplement that naturally increases free Testosterone and strength.


NutraKey Antler Test

There’s a certain appeal to invoking animal extracts for boosting testosterone, it’s primal and speaks to us on a subliminal level. NutraKey’s Antler Test is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, including New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet which contains dense Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF) as well as vitamins and minerals. Combined with staples like Yohimbe, Antler Test promises to speed up muscle growth and naturally boost free testosterone levels within the first few week.


NutraKey DAA (D-Aspartic Acid)

When it comes to naturally boosting your testosterone and growth hormone levels without the unwanted byproduct of elevated estrogen production, few natural products can compete with the proven effects of d-aspartic acid. Found naturally in the testes, pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus, d-aspartic acid plays a central role in the production and regulation of male hormones like testosterone that directly enhance athletic ability, size, and strength.


MyoPCT Hormonal Optimizer

MyoPCT from MyoPharma Sports Nutrition uses a clinically tested formula of hormonal optimization to specifically raise natural progesterone levels while blocking estrogen production.  This helps to raise free testosterone levels in the body and maintain prostate health. Speak with one of our Supzilla reps for more details about how to cycle on and off of this supplement.


For more information about natural testosterone boosters and hormone therapy, consult one of our fitness nutrition experts at your local Supzilla store.

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The Benefits of Creatine for your Workout

The Benefits of Creatine for your Workout

Second to protein and pre-workouts, creatine is one of the most widely used and discussed nutrition supplements on the market-- and for good reason! It’s a fantastic way to fuel your muscles with additional energy stores to make it through heavy lifts, and comes with the added benefit of retaining water in your muscles to give you that extra swole appeal. The International Society of Sports Nutrition found creatine can increase HIIT performance from 10 to 20 percent. That’s a significant improvement to a workout routine!

Increased Performance

The ISSN went on to state the following: "Government legislatures and sport organizations who restrict and/or discourage use of creatine may be placing athletes at greater risk." That is quite the endorsement coming from a scientific organization. Creatine not only helps increase HIIT performance but also helps the body maintain adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is a major energy source in the body. Having more access to ATP, thanks to creatine, can help with performance at high intensity levels.

Daily Needs

According to the ISSN, the body needs 1-3 grams of creatine per day to replenish the body. Creatine can be found naturally in food like red meat and seafood, where 1-3 grams can be found in about a pound of these foods. Eating the proper amount to keep your body’s creatine levels up is difficult. Supplementing creatine is a great way to keep your body’s stores up and to give your muscles additional fuel for heavy workouts. The ISSN recommends 3 grams per day, or a scoop in the morning before you lift.

Another notable fact from the ISSN’s study is that vegetarians tend to have lower creatine stores in their body and they can greatly benefit from adding creatine supplements to their daily nutrition intake.

Other Benefits of Creatine

Other benefits of creatine include a reduced chance of severe injury, particularly in relation to increases in high intensity performance levels and the ability for athletes to handle heavier training. Cramping, muscle tightness, muscle strains, and pulls can also be reduced via creatine supplementation. Another perk from taking creatine is a reduction in gastrointestinal upset, as it helps the body retain water in hot and humid environments.


Creatine will definitely help you perform better in the gym and is a great supplement to help prevent injury. All of our Supzilla locations carry a variety of creatine products and we would love to help you find the product that is right for you!

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Pre-Workout Supplements to Increase Energy and Get you to the Gym

Pre-Workout Supplements to Increase Energy and Get you to the Gym

Getting the gym can be a huge struggle. You want to lose weight or gain muscle, but after a long work day or early wake up call, you just can’t seem to get into gear and get there. Lucky for you, there’s a supplement for that! Just like a cup of coffee helps get you focused and energized for the work day, pre-workouts and energy boosting supplements will get your energy levels up and give you the extra pep in your step you need to get to the gym. We carry a variety of energy boosting formulas but here are a few crowd favorites:


C4 Original by Cellucor

This tried and true pre-workout will give you increased energy to help you tackle your workout and it has ingredients to keep you focused while you’re there. This formula is great for everyone, from beginners to advanced competitors. With millions sold each year, this product is America’s #1 selling pre-workout.

Key Ingredients: CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine 1.6 g, Creatine Nitrate 1g, Caffeine 150 mg, Arginine AKG 1g


Innova Pharm Limitless

This no-nonsense pre-workout will take your workout to the next level! Created with a nootropic blend, this formula will help you focus and enhance your mind to muscle connection. Limitless is the perfect pre-workout for a mind-blowing workout without the shakes or jitters.  

Innova Pharm Limitless

Key Ingredients: Limitless Performance Blend ( Beta Alanine, L-Tyrosine, Methylxathine Anhydrous, Kigelia africana Extract, CDP Choline, Phenylpiracetam) 1.9 g,   L Citrulline Malate 4,000 mg, Agmatine Sulfate 1,000 mg

Total War RedConn1

This pre-workout is what we would consider next level. It has ingredients for serious pumps and will give you such a boost in energy and focus, someone will have to pull you out of the gym! The Total War pre-workout will help unleash your full potential and contains just the right amount of caffeine to keep you pumped but not jittery.

Total War RedConn1

Key Ingredients: Beta Alanine 3.2 g Taurine 1 g, Caffeine Anhydrous 250 mg, N- phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate  125 mg, 2 aminosophetine 100 mg, Theobroma cacao extract (seed) 50 mg, Higenamine HCL  25 mg, Bioperine 25 mg, Rauwolocine 2 mg, Agmatine Sulfate 1 g


We carry all of these products in store and many more!  Our in-store pros want to help you meet your fitness goals and guide you with the right supplements to get you into the gym and anywhere you want to be in your fitness journey. Stop by one of our locations to pick up an energy enhancing supplement. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for giveaways and product updates.

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Creating a Starter Supplement Stack for Her

Creating a Starter Supplement Stack for Her

It’s time to acknowledge the ladies of Supzilla Nation out there actively working toward new levels of health and fitness! We see you working on being the best you possible, and here’s a high five. Now let’s talk about your supplement stack.

You’ve started exercising or eating healthy and you’re doing well, but you want to take your fitness to the next level. The only problem is you don’t know where to start! Don’t worry you’re not alone. Getting started with the right supplements can be a little overwhelming with so many brands and types on the market. Instead of focusing on a specific brand, let’s break it down into categories. We carry high quality fitness and nutritional supplements in a variety of price ranges, and sometimes a choice simply comes down to preference. Here are the top things you will want to include in your beginner stack.

Beginner Supplement Stack for Her


Branched Chain Amino Acids are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle and fitness regimen. They help with protein synthesis, or the creation of muscle. BCAA’s can also help regulate blood sugar levels and can be taken throughout the day. There are many flavors and brands to select, from watermelon to sour apple and unflavored options.


Many people simply do not get enough protein in their diet, so supplemental protein powder or a ready to drink protein shake is a great way to ensure your body is getting the fuel it needs to build muscle. Many women opt for protein powders with low carbs and fats, with about 120-160 calories per serving. A great way to find a protein flavor and brand you like is to try a sample serving. Many companies sell small serving size sample packs. Don’t forget we also offer Ohio made all natural protein by the scoop in all our stores!


Including a multivitamin in your diet is essential because many times we don’t get enough nutrients from our foods and supplementing can help make up for shortcomings. Look for a multivitamin pack. These packs contain more potency in the vitamins, a multivitamin capsule or tablet can only pack in so many ingredients, and a multipack is able to deliver more than a single pill.


These three supplements are great fundamentals for any stack. You can always build upon this by adding supplements for energy, increased metabolism, or endurance. Something to keep in mind is supplements are just that; supplemental. They should not replace a healthy diet and exercise, but rather support these efforts by filling in the gaps in your nutrition. They may help you achieve your goals, but there is no magic pill for a healthy lifestyle.


Any of our knowledgeable store associates can help you build a supplement stack and choose products that are right for your needs and goals. Come in to get started and take your health to the next level!

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